Time for Change

As the Logo for YouTrust says, ‘for the life you want’ I thought long and hard about what I wanted for myself, my family and for others. For too long I have been stuck in a corporate merry-go-round where money and prestige is king. Although I am involved in lots of charity work and extremely proud to be, I have decided that my whole focus should be on improving the lives of others especially those with learning disabilities.

For too many years I have struggled with learning disabilities myself, often finding ways to adapt, deflect, and advert any and all signs when they became visible in the workplace. Yet at the same time, I was able to fine-tune and harness all the positives that are also associated with these ‘disabilities’.

It is now time for me to use my creativity, awareness and problem-solving capabilities by helping others with learning and physical disabilities find ways to express themselves and enhance their well being through the physical and mental challenges they face. I aim to achieve this by being on the ground first hand, learning about the different levels of disabilities and finding new and exciting ways to improve the quality of life for others through new techniques and technologies.

Will this be tough? – Yes

Will it be rewarding? I hope so.

Can I make a difference? Most definitely.

Watch this space.