Citrus Designs

Citrus Designs was established in 2008 by Dan Trayner to take on freelance graphic and web development work within the local Bournemouth Community.

Since 2015, I have been assisting Dan and his team of freelance co-workers with the sourcing, communication and organisation of workloads for new and existing clients, often taking on sub-letted work from small agencies. This is voluntary work and in return Dan  helps me with all my Charity graphic work such as posters, flyers and web design; enabling me to continue working within the digital media field which fits in perfectly with my full-time job, family  and charity commitments.

Through extensive research of the client’s specialised field, I am instrumental in creating proposals and developing strategies that will ensure the contracts are obtained, managed and delivered within the desired timeframes.



Through my strong problem solving skills and desire to go the extra mile both for Citrus Designs and the client, I am able to maximise any sales opportunities and deliver exceptional customer service.

Most of the freelancers work in the creative industries, so it is an excellent opportunity to hook up and discuss potential projects and business trends over a bite to eat or a beer.