Cooking Code

Cooking Code teaches young children how to learn computer coding. Chef Sisi has put together a series of FUN and exciting projects that combine new technologies with everyday household items and toys.

Chef Sisi creates some fantastic meals (projects) using a selection of wonderful ingredients (technologies and objects) through his amazing simple to follow recipes (instruction booklets) and using a variety of appliances (computer hardware) . All the components to create these digitalised masterpieces come in specially designed meal kits (presentation boxes) that are ready to be to be explored.

The project is a branding and marketing product with a website, phone app and selection of projects to support it. As this was a branding project, then many of the features are conceptual at present until full funding can be secured to take this further.

The project that is fully designed is the Celtic Keyboard. This is a musical piano that the users build both in a physical and virtual world and play to their hearts content. For the purpose of the university project the intended audience is primarily children between 5 and 9 years old, although as the projects come with a difficulty rating system of 1-5 then anyone can enjoy making them.


The initial concept was to take a news article in September 2015 relating to a digital topic and create an extensive package ready to be marketed to the industry. This would involve suitable branding for the intended audience determined through extensive research and testing phases.

Draft Proposal

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