Uni Life

Life at Uni isn’t always just about study and party, party and study; well not in my case anyway. For me it was a change of career, a new direction and the chance to follow my passion for digital media through the unchartered waters of higher education. With sales, event management and marketing becoming much more reliant on digital media and technologies, it also gave me a chance to incorporate the areas I enjoy working in whilst putting a my own digital twist on them.

It soon became apparent that my vast knowledge, life skills and experiences would become an invaluable part of my success in dealing with new technologies and adapting to a life as a student at Bournemouth University.

Friends on the course all had different aspirations for their futures, as the course content covered all aspects of digital interactive media. I found my niche as a  client manager, problem solver, organiser and communicator; many skills I was able to transfer from previous experiences and then digitalise.

buThe Digital Media Design course has given me a full understanding of all the areas of the media industry as well as the chance to design and produce a variety of solo and group projects using traditional techniques combined with new technologies.

I gained a knack for recognising how people’s different skill-sets and personality traits could compliment each other for a wide range of tasks. Bringing together a team of four friends we set up a design agency in our first year of uni, 8bit Lemon. We were involved in a number of varied projects including graphic design, gaming solutions and web development.

In the second year, I branched out and began Dartisan Media Ltd with two other friends specialising in designing and developing Content Management Systems (CMS). I took on the role of concept developer as well as client manager for each project, drawing on my previous experience in customer facing and managerial roles. We continued to be involved with creating websites for the university, charities and clients until the end of our course, gaining invaluable experience whilst meeting some great contacts and friends along the journey.

Both of these companies brought excellent opportunities to develop my skills, meet new people and give something back to the community through extensive charity work. We gained an excellent reputation for our high quality workmanship and customer service throughout the university and the local community.

8bit news

Not only were we entrusted to redesign and develop many of the internal websites within the university, we also became involved in creating websites and videos for local charities and help small local businesses develop an online presence. During this time we received lots of recognition for our work through local media sources and the charities own publications.

Uni Work

Of course, whilst at uni there was also some serious studying to be done; books books and more books (or in my case ebooks). Being a digital media course, even the studying and reading was interesting, with me completing my dissertation on how the digital industry can be a great learning source for children.

But the real bonus was all the projects that were brought to life from scratch. These included making Unity Games, Animations, You Tube Channels, Websites and Phone Apps either by collaborating with colleagues or creating the project myself.

My final year project was cooking code, a fun concept teaching children to learn computer coding. Please view this or any of my other projects below:

Cooking Code Project

The Big Wheel

The 49ers

£2 Chef