Together with my wife and children we take great pride in our charity work, which is a big part of our lives. We have been fortunate in many areas throughout our lives, none more than having a healthy and active family. It is our wish and belief to give back to those less fortunate in society, either with our time, donations or the activities we take part in.

Amelia’s Rainbow (formerly The Amelia-Grace Rainbow Fund)

The charity closest to our heart and that we are most involved in is the Amelia’s rainbow. Amelia-Grace was in my son Declan’s year at school and developed terminal cancer, sadly passing away in 2010.

In 2010 when connected to Moordown Athletic Football Club I was responsible for organising charitable events for individual teams as well as the club itself. In July 2010 we hosted, together with the PTA at Amelia’s school Corpus Christi, a family fun day raising over £2,500 and donated this to help the Amelia’s Rainbow setup, helping other children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses throughout Dorset and surrounding areas.

We have taken part in a host of activities and challenges for the charity including the 3 Peak Challenge, The Dorset Plane Pull, Annabelle (the mascot) as well as running stalls, events and a host of activities with them and on their behalf.

3 Peak Challenge, 2015.  Taking 2 minibuses up to Ben Nevis we set on our journey with a full support crew. Unfortunately whilst on Ben Nevis we had 2 minor injuries to the party. As one of the stronger members, I volunteered to hang back and assist the ‘woundees’ up the mountain. We made it, though when we reached Scafell Pike in Cumbria the official guides had called off climbing the mountain for safety reasons due to severe weather. Our 1st coach party was the last group to be allowed to ascend the mountain whilst we missed out by a mere 15 minutes. Not to be dissuaded, we headed for Mt. Snowden in Wales and managed to get all our party including the wounded, safely to the top in plenty of time. Scafell Pike – we have unfinished business, so I am aiming to redo the 3 peaks again in 2018.

Dorset Plane Pull 2014. This was a great experience and one of the most rewarding pulls of my life. Will be doing it again in the future.

Various races – as a family we have completed many races and hikes for this charity.

Annabelle, the charity mascot. For the 2015/16 football season The Junior Cherries at AFC Bournemouth voted the Amelia’s Rainbow their charity of the year. My family, mainly my son Declan, attended every home match (as we are season ticket holders) and events dressed as Annabelle. Other family members took turns when Declan was unavailable.

80 Ways Around the World Cup, 2010. The 1st event held just before the charity was setup was a sponsored event linked to a family fun day. This was held at St.Peters School Iford with the Lord Mayor opening the event. There was also a host of local media interest in the sponsored event as children took part in 80 different sporting activities and received a medal for their efforts. We raised over £2,500 and this helped launch the charity.

Charity Video. Working with friends at Uber Productions, we created the charity video.

Cancer Research UK

3 x Relay for Life Events – 2014, 2015 & 2016. This is a fun packed weekend where we pitch up our tents and celebrate those who have survived/surviving cancer (my mum) and remember those who haven’t.

Teams compete in fun events all over the weekend and we will be returning in July 2017 as Champions. Some of the events include: tug of war, quizzes, zumba, football, zorbing, silent disco, etc.

Wd definitely have the most diverse team, both in age and nationality, yet we also have a healthy competitiveness with all team participants competing throughout the weekend. Everyone takes turns doing the relay for the 24hrs.

Moon Mail

Part of my sponsorship was to offer a Moon Mail service. Before and during the event I collected over 500 messages via social media for friends, family and loved ones and walked them around the stadium for 6 hours. The messages then were re-delivered to appropriate teams or set alight in a controlled ‘funeral pyre’.  This together with other sponsored events we held raised our team’s total to £1,624 with the grand total for the weekend in excess of £85,000

The highlight and most emotional part of the weekend is the Hope ceremony. This is a candlelit remembrance and celebration followed by a unified candlelit procession around the track.

British Heart Foundation

For the British Heart Foundation I completed the Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim 2013. An annual event, swimming 1.4miles from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier. This was one of my toughest challenges to date as I’m not really a swimmer by any stretch of the imagination and was only completed due to the 6 months gruelling training prior to the event.

Moordown  Athletic Football Club

Organising Pier to Pier Dribbles, Crazy Football Golf & The Olympic Flag Race were just some of the charity events I created for the football teams. I was involved with Moordown for over 8 years as an FA level 1 Coach. During this time I was also responsible for producing team and club magazines, getting sponsorship from local businesses and bringing through parents/older players to help coach and referee. The Black & White magazine & Moor Up than Down newsletter were produced and edited by myself and YellowBox Communications, printing over 300 copies per month for all the players.