Maritime Archaeology

This was an interesting project, the brief was to design three individual websites and house them in an one overall site.

This was a hugely enjoyable project to be involved with, as my research of each individual site gave me an insight into many aspects of Marine Archeology.

Each of the four websites is its own Content Management System which allows for different users to be responsible for their own fields of expertise, with an overall administrator responsible for all the sites.


Discovering ancient ship-building techniques.







A project to understand and recreate an ancient wooden ship

MAD about the Wreck

The Swash Channel Wreck


From the discovery to the raising of the Swash Channel Wreck and everything related.


The study of the sea wood-borers

Everything you need to know about this fascinating, yet often deadly mollusc.

All four websites were designed and developed through Dartisan Media whilst studying at Bournemouth University.