Dartisan Media Ltd.

After successfully starting the design agency, 8bit Lemon in the 1st year of University, I looked for a new challenge in the 2nd year and set up Dartisan Media Limited with two friends. We also used a freelance illustrator from Bournemouth Arts University when required.

Specialising in Content Management Systems, we designed and built a host of websites for many of the university’s prestigious departments as well as for a number of local charities and businesses.

As we were a small team my role developed into me becoming the researcher, the concept developer, the client manager and the overall project manager.

As a company we were committed to helping local charities, both in a personal and a professional sense.

Dartisan Media was established to enhance the skills we learnt at university and push our design and development skills way outside our comfort zones.

As our university days were coming to an end and all our work was finished we decided that Dartisan Media’s role completed. It had been a fantastic journey and opportunity to work with real clients and sets us up on our separate paths for the future. For myself there are already many new and exciting prospects on the horizon.